Role and Purpose

An Expert Reference Group has been formed to provide guidance over the course of the three-year project. The group will provide advice on the development and evaluation of relationship building practices being trialled by the research project.

The Expert Reference Group provides a forum to review the progress of the project and discuss the challenges that arise in the course of trialling new practices to improve family time. As findings emerge about successful practices, the group will be involved in creating resources to support practice improvement across the sector.

A detailed outline of the members of the Expert Reference Group can be downloaded here.

Experts by Profession

An international, multi-disciplinary group of academic and practitioner professionals will provide insights into key approaches for applying cultural safety and trauma awareness to decision-making around family time in out-of-home care. These experts will offer advice on evidence and research-to-practice gaps, based on knowledge of the Australian and international context.

Experts by Experience

A group of people with personal experience of the out-of-home care system will be employed as Experts-by-Experience. The group will include young people who have been in care, parents of a child in care and foster or kinship carers. They will offer invaluable insights into the impact of family time practices on children and families and contribute to assessing the acceptability and utility of proposed practices to be trialled.

Meet three of our Experts by Experience – Billy Black, Bobby Hendry and Tegan Whittaker – as they discuss their involvement in the project in these short videos. Hear them reflect on: